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Your tasks and requirements

IngSoft InterWatt – your flexible solution for all challenges relating to energy, climate and environment

Reach your goal quickly and efficiently

There are numerous tasks to be performed around the topics of energy management, climate and environment. Whether certification, climate neutrality, time savings or corporate social responsibility (CSR). No matter whether it's a legal requirement or a voluntary initiative. How do you manage to do justice to all this and not get bogged down in the process?

Nowadays, many of the requirements and tasks cannot be viewed in isolation. There are increasingly large overlaps. What is the best way to handle them?

Benefit from synergy effects

Flexibility is one of the key features of IngSoft InterWatt. The software supports you in a wide range of requirements relating to energy management, environment and climate.

You are faced with a task for which you need measurable data? With IngSoft InterWatt you collect all your relevant data, link, structure and manage them. You can carry out evaluations and analyses according to your needs.

You can call up the results as desired either in the software itself, as e-mail notifications or as comprehensive reports. Almost all routine tasks can be automated by the software. Should new applications arise in the area of data acquisition, linking and evaluation, we will continue to develop IngSoft InterWatt in close cooperation with you as a customer and user. This gives the software its unique versatility and flexibility and ensures that it is optimally tailored to your individual needs.

Let's talk about your individual tasks & requirements

We will find the appropriate solution with our existing software functions or potential further developments.

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