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CSV structure import

Import large amounts of data with just a few clicks

Your organization has a large amount of structural elements? Our CSV structure import offers you the possibility to import them into IngSoft InterWatt with just a few clicks.

The handling is simple: you just download our import template in the system and enter your data. It is a simple CSV file, which is structured and easy to use. In addition, it contains notes to help you fill it.

Importable structural elements

You can upload the following structural elements using the CSV structure import:

  • Counters
  • Registers
  • Properties
  • Units
  • Energy factors

Optionally, you can combine import processes and, for example, load sites with the corresponding meters into the system. You can also create energy performance indicators (EnPIs) by importing energy factors such as production data, visitor numbers, etc. in any quantity.

Automatic check during upload

During the CSV structure import, an automatic data check takes place: If the import file contains incorrect entries, the system draws attention to this and provides an appropriate explanation of the invalid data. As soon as the import was successful, you will receive feedback as to which structural elements were newly created. Adjustments can also be made via a new upload, e.g. if designations change.

Do you need support with data import?

Do you have a large amount of inventory data that you would like to import into IngSoft InterWatt, or do you lack the necessary resources? We will be happy to support you with the data import on request.

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