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Interface technologies

IngSoft InterWatt brings systems together

Our software can handle different technologies to collect relevant data for energy management, climate management and environmental management from the data sources of your existing system landscape.

Selection of used interface technologies

  • Messaging protocol MQTT
  • REST API (Representational State Transfer)
  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
  • XRechnung/ZUGFeRD for electronic invoices in xml format: IngSoft InterWatt can automatically scan and process these invoices. Invoice items can be correctly recorded, assigned and total costs calculated..
  • Connection of BACnet controllers (network protocol for building automation)
  • Lora and LoraWAN radio systems for wireless connection of meters and any sensors
  • OPC DA/OPC UA for exchange with industrial systems
  • File formats such as MSCONS, CSV, XML

Overview of all usable data sources and connectable systems

Do you have questions about interface technologies or are you looking for the right solution for your individual use case?

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