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Pattern recognition in energy consumption data

With artificial intelligence to intelligent energy management

Automate your consumption monitoring with IngSoft InterWatt

Pattern recognition in IngSoft InterWatt enables automated monitoring of your consumption. It is based on AI methods and is unique on the market in this form.

It is able to automatically recognise patterns in your consumption flows and thus identify irregularities or undesirable developments.

If anomalies are detected in your energy management, you receive a notification and can make corrections or initiate countermeasures in a timely manner. This saves time and money, because you no longer have to monitor your consumption yourself: Our software keeps track for you. The pattern recognition process as such does not need to be supervised either.

Simple use

Pattern recognition can be applied to all consumers that have some form of rhythm (e.g. meters, ratios or energy factors). It is easy to use and ready to go - even if you are just starting to collect consumption data.

Thanks to its self-learning nature, it optimises itself with ongoing use: the more data there is, the sharper the detection of conspicuous consumption patterns.

Evaluation of an monitoring in graphical form

All advantages of pattern recognition at a glance

  • Automated monitoring of your energy management
  • Easy operation without previous experience or training data
  • Applicable for meters, consumers, buildings, properties, key figures or energy factors
  • Visualisation of monitoring results in tabular or graphical form
  • Automatic consideration of influencing factors, such as weekdays, vacations, public holidays or outside temperature

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