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Energy data recording

Excel, goodbye! Software-supported consumption recording with IngSoft InterWatt

A solid database is a basic requirement for effective energy management. Our software offers you a wide range of options for energy data collection.

Automatic energy data recording

Are you tired of the time-consuming collection of consumption data? Put an end to time-consuming, manual maintenance in Excel lists! Instead, rely on the automatic energy data collection in IngSoft InterWatt. It is suitable for various use cases, e.g.:

  • Load profile data from energy suppliers
  • Energy data acquisition of building control systems
  • Production data

The data can be obtained from various source systems, e.g. from a FTP server, an ODBC interface, an e-mail box and various other data sources.

A data input control ensures that all intended data receives the system.

If you want to automatically transfer your energy data from a mailbox or a comprehensive database to IngSoft InterWatt, you can use our data point filter to determine exactly which data should be imported. For this purpose, various filter options are available, such as sender, subject, message content or format of the import file (.csv, .edi, etc.).

Manual meter reading

If your energy data recording is done manually, you can use the meter reading lists in IngSoft InterWatt. They are automatically generated by the system and sent to the responsible meter reader by e-mail - e.g. always at the beginning of the month. This ensures that the meter reading takes place regularly.

The meter reading interval is freely configurable, e.g. every (week)day, fortnightly, monthly or annually. If no meter reading takes place, the responsible user is reminded; if required, a supervisor is also reminded.

Various data can be recorded, such as energy/fuel consumption or emissions.

Manual meter reading via app: IngSoft InterWatt Mobile

Our meter reading app makes it easy for you to manually read your consumption data: this way, you always have access to your meter reading lists wherever you are and can also fill them out offline.

As a user, you will receive a push notification when a new meter reading is due. The data can be entered manually into the app or automatically recognised via the cellphone camera (OCR reading).

The app is available for Android (6.0 or higher) and iOS (iOS 11.0 or newer). It can only be used in combination with the software IngSoft InterWatt.

Historical data imports

You can also enter historical consumption data in IngSoft InterWatt using the function "data transfer". If you have a large amount of consumption data from several meters and years, you can automatically load them into the system using the so-called "inventory data import".

You do not have the necessary resources and need support for historical data import?

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