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Inventory data import

Transfer your existing data easily and quickly into IngSoft InterWatt

Standardised and individual import methods simplify the transfer of your existing data into IngSoft InterWatt. Thus, you can start using the software with your data without time-consuming, manual data imports.

Import of company structures and meters

The function "Import inventory data" opens up a wide range of options for transferring relevant databases to IngSoft InterWatt. Frequently used application scenarios include the transfer of the company structure with different locations or the creation of existing meters.

Transfer historical data

You can also use historical data in IngSoft InterWatt. There is an option to import different data formats:

  • Consumption data from manually kept lists
  • Consumption data from historical invoices
  • Consumption data from energy suppliers
  • Production data

Convenient data import using Excel lists

The import of inventory data uses simply structured Excel lists. After a short introduction you are able to import all data into the system by yourself. In addition, you will find instructions in our Wiki, which can be accessed by all software users.

For the import of a very large number of structural elements, our CSV structure import is available.

You need additional manpower for import of your data?

Do you have a large amount of inventory data that you would like to import into IngSoft InterWatt or do you lack the necessary capabilities? On request, we will be happy to support you with the import of data.

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