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ISO 50001, ISO 14001, EMAS and others

Legal obligations & corporate image

With a certification you confirm your high quality standards on the one hand, on the other hand you improve your company image and set yourself apart from competitors. Regardless of your primary motivation, certification will definitely bring you benefits.

The most common standards are

  • ISO 50001 (Energy Management)
  • ISO 50005 (Low-threshold entry into energy management)
  • ISO 50006 (Measurement of energy-related performance using EnB and EnPI)
  • ISO 14001 (environmental management)
  • EMAS (environmental management)
  • ISO 16247-1 (energy audits)
  • ISO 14064 or GHG Protocol for corporate carbon footprint (CCF)
  • ISO 14067 for the product carbon footprint (PCF)
  • ISO 14068 for climate neutrality

Legal requirements

Certification is not always based on self-initiative. Energy-intensive companies in particular are often subject to legal obligations to provide evidence. Certification confirms their legal compliance and allows them to benefit from remuneration and tax relief.

Financial advantages

Financial benefits are available in the form of tax relief or subsidies by providing proof of ISO 50001 or EMAS in the area of the Electricity and Energy Tax Act (StromStG and EStG) or the Peak compensation efficiency system ordinance (SpaEfV). In addition, energy levies under the Energy Financing Act (EnFG) [formerly EEG levies] grid charges under StromNEV or in fuel emissions trading (BEHG) and the BEHG Carbon Leakage Ordinance (BECV) based on it can be claimed.

Subsidies are also often only approved and paid out in connection with the submission of certifications.

IngSoft InterWatt makes it easier for you to obtain certification

Many of our customers have already achieved their certification of the above-mentioned standards using our software IngSoft InterWatt. The advantages are obvious: The central consolidation of all relevant areas in a secure document and data management system, the linking of the decisive subject areas such as energy, climate and environment, the data evaluation and analysis, as well as the extensively customisable reports make IngSoft InterWatt the ideal tool for the preparation and implementation of certification procedures. During the certification audit, all relevant information is presented to the accreditation bodies in a simple and comprehensible manner with just a few clicks. Reports can be generated in advance and passed on to the certifiers for preparation. You can automatically update the created structures, evaluations and reports at any time or even create them on a regular basis. In this way, you can carry out recurring recertification processes with little effort.

  • Automation for structures, evaluations, reports
  • Central, secure document and data management system for energy, climate and environmental management
  • Comprehensive data evaluation and analysis
  • Relevant information with just a few clicks

Eligible software

Especially for ISO 50001, IngSoft InterWatt fulfils through a certificate of conformity all requirements for the promotion of energy management software. IngSoft InterWatt is accordingly registered with BAFA as certified and eligible software.

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