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Multi-client capability

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Manage multiple clients in IngSoft InterWatt

Are you looking for a software solution for energy management, climate and environment that not only you but also your customers, for example, can use? IngSoft InterWatt was developed from the beginning as a highly scalable and multi-client capable application and therefore has sophisticated functionalities for the comfortable administration of several clients in one database.

Privacy-compliant rights configuration

IngSoft InterWatt can be used by several users at the same time without any problems and without them having mutual insight into each other's data. This is thanks to the fine-granular rights configuration, which can be applied to both users and (structural) elements.

As a central administrator, you maintain an overview and can define the access and usage rights of your clients in detail.

Sublicensing and billing

You can conveniently pass on the cost of software usage to clients through sublicensing. Billing is based on the scope of usage, which is determined by counting defined elements (e.g. number of users / counters / energy factors or storage capacity for documents, etc.).

When sublicensing, you can also limit the available feature scope for licensees if required.

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