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Carbon footprint

Calculate your corporate carbon footprint with our software


Climate management with IngSoft InterWatt

CCF stands for Corporate Carbon Footprint and describes the carbon footprint of a company. With our IngSoft InterWatt Enterprise CCF software edition, you can calculate your company's emissions and create a greenhouse gas balance.

With IngSoft InterWatt Enterprise CCF to the Corporate Carbon Footprint

Whether for internal meetings or to fulfill legal obligations to provide evidence, such as the CSRD - with IngSoft InterWatt Enterprise CCF you have the necessary tool at hand to determine your corporate carbon footprint.

Your carbon footprint according to the GHG Protocol or ISO 14064

As a rule, a greenhouse gas balance must be prepared in accordance with international standards. Our software supports this requirement: With IngSoft InterWatt Enterprise CCF, you can create a carbon footprint according to the required reporting systems. These include, for example, the GHG Protocol (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) or ISO 14064. Other reporting systems can also be created, e.g. if you have international subsidiaries that have to report according to their own standards.

Create reports with the required climate indicators

With IngSoft InterWatt Enterprise CCF, you can determine the required energy & climate key figures that you need to fulfill the legally required reporting obligations, such as the CSRD.

Record all direct and indirect emissions generated in your company and evaluate them separately according to Scope 1, Scope 2 & Scope 3. Several emission factors can be assigned to each medium. Evaluations can also be carried out according to units, media or energy properties.

IngSoft InterWatt also gives you the option of configuring individual reports with the energy and/or climate key figures relevant to you. This means you always have the latest evaluations at your fingertips.

The climate reporting functions are available from the IngSoft InterWatt Enterprise CCF edition onwards.

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FAQ: The most important questions about IngSoft InterWatt Enterprise CCF

Yes, it is of course possible to upgrade your edition. Please feel free to contact us "

The license extends the existing Enterprise Edition of our IngSoft InterWatt software with climate reporting functions. In other words, the purchase of the license enables you to implement comprehensive energy and climate management. You can find an overview of our software editions in our edition overview "

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