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Data quality

Data entry control and plausibility

Regardless of whether you record your energy data manually or automatically: Our software ensures the quality and scope of incoming meter reading values.

Data plausibility for manual meter reading

IngSoft InterWatt verifies incoming data for plausibility: In case of a manual meter reading, an expected value is calculated based on the previously collected data. Our software informs you if the newly entered reading value deviates from the expected consumption. In this way, you can detect and prevent incorrect entries.

Data entry control for automatic energy data recording

Connection problems, changed file formats and other factors can interrupt the transmission of data. The data entry control in IngSoft InterWatt ensures that your data enters the system correctly. If an import via a certain interface fails, you will receive a notification.

You can define when a notification should be sent. If you do not make any setting, you will receive the notification automatically depending on the retrieval frequency.

This allows you to take early action to prevent data loss – especially if your data is not cached and therefore cannot be re-imported.

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