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Energy management with IngSoft InterWatt

Advantages at a glance

  • Software functions for energy, climate, environment
  • Unique range of features
  • Time savings due to high degree of automation

We are developing software for energy management, climate and the environment

We want to make our contribution to the energy and resource transition and in particular to climate protection by helping our customers to achieve their goals in these areas. Therefore, we are developing software that digitizes, optimizes and simplifies our customers' processes in the fields of energy, resource and climate management.

Many years of experience

We know what we are doing. We have been developing software for energy, climate and environmental management for over 25 years – long before the topics of energy efficiency and climate protection were on the political agenda.

Cross-sector solution

Flexible for all industries and company sizes: Municipalities, energy suppliers, industrial, commercial and service companies as well as international, listed major corporations rely on IngSoft InterWatt.

Adaptable software

Flexibly into the future: If your company grows, your requirements or framework conditions change, IngSoft InterWatt adapts to all changes.

Unique range of functions

Flexible for all use cases: The extraordinarily large number of features is convincing. With an individual selection, you meet your specific requirements.

Our product philosophy

Forward-looking, agile software development

We use the methods of agile software development to meet the requirements of our customers in the best possible way. When new technological opportunities arise, we seize them to make our product even better. We also ensure that our software complies with applicable standards and legal frameworks as well as current security criteria.


The impeccable quality of our product is our top priority.

Our quality management ensures it through extensive automated and manual tests.

Universal use

The fields of energy, climate and environment are inextricably linked.

We have therefore designed IngSoft InterWatt as a universal, industry-independent solution that allows you to meet the requirements of all three areas.

Of course, our software can be used by several users/clients simultaneously.


We guarantee reliable cooperation at all levels: From transparent contract design to professional cooperation and data security.

We also know that certain requirements apply in a professional IT environment: We respect your framework conditions and flexibly align ourselves accordingly.

Optimal performance

We focus on timely and precise data processing to provide our customers with an up-to-date overview of their consumption. We also support our customers in the step-by-step migration to automatic metering.

Labor and time savings for our customers

With IngSoft InterWatt, our customers not only reduce costs for energy and resources. We also attach great importance to making work as easy as possible with our software in the following areas, among others:

  • Data collection
  • Master data import and maintenance
  • Data analysis
  • Accounting topics
  • Documentation
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