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IngSoft InterWatt for service providers

The software for energy management, climate and environment in service companies

Specific requirements of service providers

Whether contractors, facility managers, energy or environmental managers – service providers from various industries rely on IngSoft InterWatt to make energy consumption transparent at their customers' or their own premises and to automate related processes.

Expand your portfolio as a service provider

The market-leading functionality of our software enables service companies to expand their existing product portfolio with new service components at relatively low cost: from automated report generation and individual dashboards to full software support for certified energy management and many more.

IngSoft InterWatt offers the advantage that it can be used as a holistic solution for energy, climate and environment and therefore no additional system needs to be consulted.

Multi-client capable software

From the very beginning, we designed our software as a multi-client capable application, i.e. it can be operated by several users at the same time without them being able to view each other's data. This is essential, especially for service companies, because it enables them to allow their customers to use the software independently. Individual rights management, sublicensing and customisable branding create the necessary flexibility.

Advantages for service companies at a glance

  • Functions for energy, climate and environmental management combined in one software solution
  • Predestined for use by multiple clients
  • Increase of operational energy efficiency and software support of a certified energy management according to ISO 50001
  • Reduced administrative effort for accounting issues, such as service charge billing or heating cost billing. Monthly billing can be conveniently generated at the push of a button.
  • Automated creation of predefined reportings (e.g. audit reports).

Particularly relevant features

For service providers

Multi-client capability

In IngSoft InterWatt you have the possibility to manage different clients and thus to make the software accessible to your customers, for example, in compliance with data protection regulations.

More about client capability


We offer you the possibility to fully customise IngSoft InterWatt to your individual company design. You can also define sub-brandings for subsidiaries or customers.

More about the branding options


Automated creation of reports (e.g. for audit reports) thanks to report templates and a template designer for individual configuration.

More about reports


Simplify your accounting with numerous features: Automatic import of electronic invoices, invoice verification, creation of service charge statements, and much more.

More about accounting

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