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Data sources and systems

We create bridges between your data source and our software

Unite the data from your systems in IngSoft InterWatt

The flexible approach of our software enables the connection of a wide variety of systems. This allows you to automatically import the data relevant for your energy, climate and environmental management into IngSoft InterWatt and use our software as a central data management system.

Once the respective interface has been set up once, the data is automatically transferred between the systems at predefined intervals. The maintenance effort is minimal.

New incoming data is detected by the system and created correctly. If required, you can set up an automatic data entry check with e-mail notification.

Range of connectable systems

ERP systems

Import data from your ERP system. Many of our customers use, for example, the automatic, nightly comparison with the master and transaction data from their SAP system.

Meters, sensors, data loggers

Automatically read data from meters, sensors or data loggers.

Building management systems

Our software has an interface to Desico CC from Siemens.

Weather services

Use weather data from various providers, such as DWD, ZAMG (Austria), MeteoLux, MeteoSwiss, to make weather adjustments.


It is possible to connect your building management system or process control system to IngSoft InterWatt, e.g. Kieback&Peter.

Smart metering systems

Connect your smart metering system: Meter readings are conveniently transmitted from the smart meter gateway administrator / metering point operator to the IngSoft InterWatt server.

CAFM systems

Integrate the data from your CAFM system.

Possible data sources

IngSoft InterWatt can handle a wide variety of data sources:

  • Data can be transferred from an e-mail box into the system.
  • Data can be stored on FTP or SFTP servers and transferred from there to the software.
  • Data can be stored on a network path and transferred from there to the software.
  • Data can be retrieved directly from a database.

If your data is stored in a partitioned network, it is possible to install an IngSoft Softlogger there. It extracts the data from the third-party system and then imports it securely into our software.

The required interface is not listed?

Of course, we have already created many other interfaces for our customers and are happy to realise individual solutions on request.

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