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IngSoft InterWatt simplifies your reporting

Reduce the effort required to create reports on energy, climate and environmental data

Benefit from the wide range of options for automated report generation in our software IngSoft InterWatt to conveniently generate reports for superiors and specialist departments at the push of a button (e.g. energy reports) or to meet legal verification requirements.

Predefined reports

Use our predefined report templates to clearly display energy consumption, costs or emissions (per energy use area) or to visualise your target achievement using energy performance indicators (EnPIs).

You can select/deselect which data is displayed in the report. Whether properties or entire organisational units - you determine the scope of observation. It is also possible to extrapolate consumption data based on the previous year.

Report template designer

Configure report templates according to your individual needs with our report template designer. Various textual, tabular and graphical presentation options are available to clearly display the values that are relevant to you.

In addition, the design of the reports can be flexibly adapted to your corporate design, e.g. by adjusting the font type and size or by integrating your company logo.

Reports can be generated either as PDF files or as Microsoft Word documents (.docx).

Automate your reporting

In order to ensure that regular reporting deadlines are met, you can set up an automatic report dispatch to specified recipients in IngSoft InterWatt. You can determine the dispatch interval individually. You can also define a notification for verification and dispatch release.

CSV reports

In IngSoft InterWatt it is not only possible to generate reports for reporting purposes, but also to process and control inventory data (e.g. meters and assigned reading employees or assigned tariffs). These reports are output in .csv format and can be easily analysed.

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