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IngSoft InterWatt in use at REMONDIS Production GmbH

User report

More than energy management – digital recycling processes

16.08.2022 5 Minutes

Saving resources is REMONDIS' daily bread. Over 1,000,000 tonnes of industrial waste is processed and reprocessed each year at the Lippe Plant, Europe's largest center for industrial recycling. The whole process is carried out in close cooperation between approx. 35 companies, some of which are legally independent. REMONDIS Production is responsible for supplying electricity, steam and other media as well as disposing of wastewater. Among other things, REMONDIS Production operates its own power plant for this purpose. As a result, there is not only a requirement to operate an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 but also to professionally account for the energy and media quantities consumed on the premises.

In order to meet the requirements of ISO 50001, among others, and to reliably map the complexity of the huge amounts of data, those responsible at REMONDIS needed powerful energy management software. IngSoft InterWatt has been in use since November 2017.

Short profile REMONDIS

The Lippe Plant in Lünen is a technology location and climate protection project in one. Covering an area of 230 hectares, the Lippe Plant, located on the site of a former aluminum plant in Lünen, is Europe's largest center for industrial recycling. The recycling plant saves 488,000 t of CO2 annually. The recycling park houses facilities for processing and recycling gypsum from flue gas desulfurization plants, disposal of animal risk material, biofilter, compost plant, soil plant, plant landfill, biodiesel production plant, chemical processing, wastewater treatment, wood processing, plastics recycling, second-use battery storage, environmental analysis, electrical recycling, etc., among others. In total, the Lünen site produces more than 0.9 million tons of raw materials and products per year from over 1.4 million tons of residual materials and generates 337,000 MWh of electricity and steam.

Clear expectations on energy management software

Providing energy is part of REMONDIS Production's core business. Like quite a few other companies on the site, the company is one of those that can benefit from the various reliefs on taxes and levies on energy – but only if it has ISO 50001 certification.

TThe people in charge thus had very clear expectations of a software solution: smooth consumption data recording, visualisation of energy consumption, the formation of energy performance indicators (EnPIs), weather adjustment of the indicators, and smooth energy billing with the end customers.

IngSoft InterWatt already largely fulfilled the requirements at the time of implementation. In order to be able to map the billing process digitally without any gaps, IngSoft developed a perfectly fitting interface to the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) of the REMONDIS Group and extended the existing billing functions in IngSoft InterWatt in such a way that, among other things, audit-proof cancellation invoices are now also possible.

IngSoft InterWatt was not only convincing due to the implementation of the service charge invoicing, but also due to its multiple client capability and the clear program structure.

Around 50 energy properties are monitored with the help of IngSoft InterWatt. The automatic data acquisition is carried out via about 1500 meters. In addition to consumption values, generation is also taken into account. The recorded media include steam, technical heat, cooling, electricity, waste water, steam generation, compressed air, electricity and heat generation.

Project data at a glance

IngSoft InterWatt customer since:2017
Number of managed energy properties:Approx. 50
Number of registers recorded:over 1500
Type of data collection:automated
Number of users:approx. 300
Recorded media:Steam, heat, technical heat, refrigeration, electricity, water, wastewater, industrial water, compressed air, steam generation, compressed air generation, electricity generation, heat generation
Data sources used:BAER Siglon database, ACRON, pxTrend, RIMS, MScons, hand readings, data from in-house databases.

Noticeable advantages

After only a short period of using the software, the benefits were already noticeable. On the one hand, the creation of area-specific key figures is easier, and on the other hand, energy controlling has a much stronger and more direct effect on the actual increase in energy efficiency. Data is prepared in a clear and demand-oriented manner. In this way, deviations and problems are identified and corrected in a timely manner. The flexible display of energy consumption from a wide range of media and locations is also helpful.

"IngSoft InterWatt also gives us a better overview of short-term changes in the load profile. This allows us to recognise opportunities for peak shaving at an early stage," says Kai Erik Sattler, who is responsible for energy management at REMONDIS Production GmbH. He particularly appreciates the fast access to consumption data from different media and the simultaneous visualisation of load profiles in various specific areas, continued Sattler. The recycling of energy data saves a particularly large amount of time: Previously, various systems were in use for energy management according to ISO 50001 and energy billing. Data was transferred manually via various Excel lists. Today, the entire process is mapped digitally.

More than just premium software

In addition to powerful energy management software, those responsible at REMONDIS also attached great importance to personal and professional customer support. They wanted to be sure that any problems could be solved quickly and without complications. As a manufacturer of premium software, IngSoft also offers first-class customer support and maintains a close and reliable working relationship with the customer. The support team is staffed with German-speaking university graduates. They are not only software specialists, but also have in-depth knowledge and qualifications in energy management. This contributes to finding solutions quickly.

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