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IngSoft InterWatt in use at TÜV SÜD

User report

A sustainable step forward

29.10.2022 5 Minutes

TÜV SÜD is recognised worldwide as an independent testing authority. It stands for safety and reliability. The company drives sustainability and digitization projects around the globe and inspires companies to rely on new technologies. Also in the key sector of energy: With its extensive service portfolio, it acts as a pioneer for operational energy efficiency. In this context, TÜV SÜD itself sets a good example: By using the IngSoft InterWatt software solution, the service provider raises its own energy management to a new level.


Company data at a glance

IndustryTIC (Testing, Inspecting & Certification)
Product/ServiceAuditing and certification of management systems
Company size25,500 employees
Locationapprox. 1,000 sites in around 50 countries

TÜV SÜD pursues a careful use of resources. This also drove the decision for professional energy management software: Taking another sustainable step forward to save even more energy. At the same time, there was a desire to improve transparency about the company's own environmental performance.

Size demands professionalism

An awareness of its own energy consumption was already well-developed at TÜV SÜD long before the decision was made to use IngSoft InterWatt. However, due to the company's size, it became increasingly difficult to maintain an overview, says Energy Manager Georg Geisenberger: "We created an Excel spreadsheet for the energy audit according to DIN 16247. That was very time-consuming. Based on this experience, we came to the conclusion that we needed professional software for energy data recording."

In addition, there was the requirement to integrate the energy data not only throughout Germany, but also at all foreign TÜV SÜD locations. In the future, they should be mapped in the climate report without much effort.

Project data at a glance

IngSoft InterWatt customer sinceApril 2021
Number of managed energy propertiesApprox. 700
Number of registered registersapprox. 3,200
Type of data collectionautomated & manual
Number of usersapprox. 300
Energy carriers recordedElectricity, natural gas (gaseous and liquid), oil, district heating, water.
Data sources usedMSCONS, MQTT, X-bill or Zugferd, bills, meter reading lists, CSV load profiles PV, SWM-MSCONS, SWM-CSV portal data.
Particularly relevant featuresBenchmark evaluation, Meter reading lists, Import methods, Saved evaluations, Analyses.

A comprehensive solution that convinces

The requirements for an energy management software were quickly clear: All energy data should be recorded in a central location and bundled into a common database. On the one hand, it should be possible to integrate various sources of information (including meter reading lists, automatically recorded meter readings, invoices, etc.); on the other hand, it should also be possible to evaluate data in various dimensions, which can be flexibly adapted depending on the desired scope of observation: from individual meters to different region-specific consumption levels to a global overall view. Other criteria were that the data collected should be able to be mapped over time and that the software should also support CO2 climate reporting in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14064-1 in the future.

TÜV SÜD intends to operate its energy management on a global scale. Therefore, the internationality of the software – i.e. the use in different language versions – was also a relevant factor.

Three software providers were shortlisted. It quickly became clear: The decision was made in favor of IngSoft InterWatt, as the software best met TÜV SÜD's requirements.

Successful implementation

The integration of the servers into TÜV SÜD's infrastructure took half a year. "Above all, our security requirements were a major challenge here," explains Georg Geisenberger. After that, things went much faster: the 2,400 meters in Germany were entered into the software within four months. A decisive factor for the efficiency of the implementation process was the availability of the relevant master data: In addition to the implementation of the data collection processes, this is where most of the resources were used.

In the meantime, around 3,200 meters of the test group are recorded and evaluated in IngSoft InterWatt. But much more is planned. Georg Geisenberger forecasts approx. 5,000 meters as the final expansion stage.

Customized solutions

With the help of the software, TÜV SÜD records various energy sources: electricity, natural gas (gaseous and liquid), oil, district heating and water. Waste volumes, fuels (mobility), coolants and paper are to follow in the future.

The flexible software approach of IngSoft InterWatt allows the software to be further developed according to customer needs. For the TÜV SÜD use case, for example, a special import for SWM load profiles was implemented. In the future, a special report will also follow, which will simplify the verification of the climate report for TÜV SÜD auditors. The integration of Scope 1-3 will also play an important role.

Georg Geisenberger describes the cooperation with IngSoft's Customer Service as always constructive. What he particularly appreciates: "There is always someone available if you need support."

IngSoft InterWatt provides added value

With IngSoft InterWatt, TÜV Süd gains complete transparency over its energy data. The company's entire energy structure is now mapped at a central location – with significantly less effort. With the help of the diverse, predefined evaluation options, analyses are now created automatically at the touch of a button – thanks to the user-friendly interface, even by users who are not in daily contact with the software.

TÜV SÜD's existing energy management processes have not only been simplified with IngSoft InterWatt, but also made significantly more efficient. This not only saves time, but also costs. At the same time, data quality increases. An additional added value from the testing company's point of view: The analysis data obtained can be used for the preparation of the company's own sustainability report, thus making it easier to comply with reporting obligations.

TÜV SÜD particularly appreciates the following features of IngSoft InterWatt

  • Multilingualism for use in an international context
  • Central data overview with diverse, automated evaluation options
  • Higher data quality
  • Time and cost savings due to reduced administrative effort
  • Support for sustainability reporting

Do you have questions about this use case or about our energy management software?